Friday, May 22, 2009

I love shopping!

Late Wednesday afternoon we went to Mariahilfe Straße where there is excellent shopping. We came across this store called HUmanic and saw cute shoes and purses, so of course we went inside. When I was fully immersed in the store, I could feel my heart begin to warm with excitement. It was the biggest shoe and purse store I'd ever seen in my life. It was over 3 floors, each about the size of Bergners. It was a girls' dream shopping experience. Too bad all the prices were only meant for the rich and famous. I did try on a few pairs to satisfy my sweet tooth, or maybe the expression sweet feet is more appropriate in this instance? They were those kind of flats that are elasticy so they stay better on your feet. They felt so incredible, but they didn't have a color that I really fell in love with and they were like $300! So I had to say goodbye to them.

After all that shopping, a girl has got to get some sustenance, so of course we thought sacher torte would be the best. And it most definitely was. We just went to a little cafe on the street but it was still amazing. I can't wait for later in the trip when we go to the sacher torte school where they perfect this fabulous dessert that they are so famous for. Definitely going to where stretchy pants on that day!

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