Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Dinner Disappointment

After orientation to the dorms we had our first group meal together to kick off the program. We went to a place called "The Centimeter" which had paintings of strange viking type men on the walls.  Something to note about Viennese dinning is that it is very slow. Waitresses don't immediately come to get your order, nor does it matter how long it takes to get your food. Eating is supposed to be a complete experience in which conversation is the main focus. I know I eat slowly, but this was too slow - even for me. I didn't get a beverage until 2 hours after sitting down and I got my meal an hour after that. The whole dinner took close to 3.5 hours and we only had food for maybe 20 of those minutes, if that. Overall I was really disappointed. None of us had slept in days and were so stressed and exhausted that we just wanted food quickly. Instead we waited 3.5 hours for the Viennese experience, and it wasn't even good.

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