Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Getting set up in the dorm

We rushed through dinner at The Centimeter so we could get back to the dorms and get internet. In order to receive internet, your computer has to be registered with the dormitory and a small fee is required. But the problem was that the computer lab closed at 9pm and we were still at the restaurant at 8:15pm. We really wanted internet immediately because we wanted to inform people that we arrived safely to Vienna. We ran to the bus and went through all the various connections to get to our dorm. We made it there by 8:45. I ran upstairs to get my computer and my suit mate was there. I felt really bad because I wanted to have a proper introduction and be polite and talk for a bit, but I really wanted the internet.  But we introduced ourselves rather quickly and she understood that I needed to go take care of my computer. Unfortunately she was leaving in 15 minutes to visit a friend for the night.  But upon first meeting my suit mate, I learned that her name was Inas, and she's from southern Austria. (German spoken in southern Austria is as far away as possible from the German I've learned in the classroom.)  

I ran over to my friend Tina's room and grabbed her computer for her (she went ahead to the store and got in line for the both of us) and then raced to the computer store. I got there three minutes before closing and they said they wouldn't do anymore. I think I must have given the worker an incredibly distraught facial expression because he said, "wait, wait. what kind of computer do you have?" "A mac!" I shouted. "ok, we can do that." Apparently macs take only a couple of minutes to scan whereas pcs take a couple of hours. So I got my computer set up and immediately went back to my room to check my email.

I guess I should explain how my suit is set up. It's kind of like a very tiny apartment but you're with a random roommate.  When you open the main door, you are immediately in the kitchen, which is roughly 2.5 feet in width - super small - and the bathroom - also super small.

Then there are two more doors that lock. One is my room. The other is Inas's.  In my room I've got a bed, night stand, unit of cubbies, desk, and standing closet. My view is pretty nice. I overlook the Danube canal, some buildings, farmland, and mountains. 

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