Thursday, May 21, 2009

Gardens and Museums

Wednesday afternoon Tiffany, Vanessa, and I went walking around the city and visited the museum of natural history. 

Vienna is famous for having spectacular gardens everywhere.  You can walk through them and there are benches set up where people come to read or relax. They're so pretty and well maintained. 

We went to the museum of natural history and I was attacked by a lion! Just kidding. He was stuffed but it was still pretty intimidating standing so close to him because he did look quite real.

This is a picture of a really big elk. It was huge. I think I came up to it's kneecap. 

We passed this car a few blocks after the museum and at first glance we all thought there really was a naked lady just sitting in the car.  But there's no need to avert your's only a mannequin.  Still kind of scandalous though.

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