Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Flight #2: Detroit to Frankfurt

On the 9 hour flight to Frankfurt I sat on the aisle and luckily no one was next to me. So no worries about falling asleep on some stranger like I did on the MI trip to Ireland/London. awkward. At the beginning of the flight they showed that standard video acting out how to use various features of the plane. I've only ever seen attractive females fill this role. I had a fun surprise. Instead of an attractive female, it was a fat, bald, asian man that I got to watch blow up his floatation device. I've actually never paid such close attention to one of those videos, so maybe the bald guy served his purpose.

Dinner was decent. I chose chicken over pasta. It was some kind of asian inspired mixture of chicken, carrots, and rice - no different than the TV dinners I grew up on. The guy across from me got his meal before everyone else - I think because it was a vegetarian meal - so of course I watched him. I watched him squeeze the entire packet of french dressing into his mouth, swallow it, and then proceed to eat his salad plain. What? So weird. Needless to say I kept by eye on him the rest of the trip. Anyone who downs a salad dressing packet like a shot of rum must be a weirdo.

I made it through the overnight portion of flight two. I watched The Curios Case of Benjamin Button. After the movie I decided to try to get some sleep - but that proved quit difficult. Impossible actually.  Since I was on the aisle, every time someone went to the restroom or a stewardess walked by, my chair got bumped. There was also a very unhappy toddler. He was wailing - full out top of the lungs, heavy, choking kind of wailing. The parents were doing absolutely nothing. It was beyond any psychological approach of ignoring the problem - the totally didn't even see the problem - they just let him wail.  He was screaming the same phrase over and over again.  I know with the Gosselin family, repeating of any request sends them to timeout. Too bad John and Kate weren't here to take action.  It actually got so bad that other passengers began yelling at the farther to shut up his kid - that they had meetings in the morning and such.  So between the less than happy child, who by the was was two behind me, and the constant bumping, I didn't sleep a wink.

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