Wednesday, May 20, 2009


After we got to the Vienna airport, we were to meet a U of I professor and bus over to the dorm. The plan was originally to leave at 12:45pm and if you weren't there at that time the group would leave without you and you just have to take a taxi. I was there at 12:40pm. There were about fifteen people who were supposed to be in this group. So far only two had shown up, myself included. We then waited for about an hour for 11 other people to show up. So there were only two missing - but their plans had landed. We continued to wait another hour thinking that any minute they would show up. No luck. We then waited another half hour on the bus. So much for the immediate 12:45pm departure and the "you're on your own" attitude. 

When we got to the dorms we got our room keys and had approximately 30 minutes to find the rooms, unload our stuff, change clothes or freshen up, meet our suit mate (mine wasn't there at that moment), and be back downstairs for orientation. So much for any time to rest.

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