Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Frankfurt hatred

Omigosh I hate the Frankfurt airport. It's absolutely horrible. There are no signs anywhere! Never a board to say "you are here" or even a tv monitor displaying the times and gates of flights. I asked every worker for help and they all gave me different information, which eventually got us turned around and outside of the secure section so we had to go through security again which is always a blast. :-/  The guy ahead of me was questioned about the oreo's in his bag. I had oreo's in my bag but no one stopped me. Must have been my charm. After an hour and a half of confusion and frustration, we made it to our gate. After going through this nightmare, I would gladly go through Heathrow - that says a lot.

When I sat down at B13, another airport person came up to interview me - I must have some sort of sign written all over my facial expression because that's two in a row! First Detroit, now Frankfurt. Here's how the conversation went (it was obviously in German but I've provided the English translation):
Her: Do you speak German or English?
Me: Yes I speak German but I'm not fluent.
Her: Are you flying to Bergin?
Me: No, I'm flying to Vienna.
Her: Thank you for your time. You've been a great help. Have a good day.

I'm not really sure what the point of that little questionnaire was, but it was fun.

By this point the effects of this trip are really taking a toll on my body. I'm physically in pain and mentally drained. I'm wiped. This better be a kick ass trip because the journey getting there is beyond rough.

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