Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Salzburg Day Two

Sunday morning, June 7th, I woke up early and went to take a shower in our castle bathroom, which unfortunately was basically the exact same as the bathrooms in our dorms. Disappointing. I was looking forward to showering in an elaborate stone shower but no dice. When I got out of the shower I made the unfortunate mistake of looking up and seeing the ceiling covered in other "Mitbewohners". They were so scary. They looked like some sort of daddy long leg breed but with thicker legs. They were skinny and probably 3 inches in diameter. In other words, not welcome by me. Since our ceiling was literally dripping with spiders, I was in constant fear that one would descend onto me and therefore flinched at any little tickle.

We headed down to breakfast and had a very traditional Austrian breakfast of meat, cheese, bread, and yoghurt. Our plan for the day was to visit the salt mines. We took the elevator down the mountain and a train and bus and made our way to the mines. We met up with a gorup of 10 other students and went together.

The mines were really cool. We had to put on these gigantic white suites because it's so dirty underground. We took a little train ride to go horizontally into the mine and then took these wooden slides downward.
We walked through all the tunnels and saw how the salt went from being part of the earth to being edible. We also learned about the history of Salzburg and what a large role salt played in political decisions. At one point underground, we crossed from Austria to Germany. So I finally made it to Germany...even though it was underground. Someday I will go there for real.
The tour of the salt mines ended and we made our way to the bus stop, only to find that the bus left 5 minutes before we got there and wasn't going to come again for an hour. We desparately needed to get going and luckily there was an available taxi back at the salt mines. It took us to the city train, which also conveniently left just a few minutes before we arrived, which meant we had to wait another 50 minutes for the next one. so we eventually made it to the train station where Professor Lowe was waiting with our luggage. We grabbed some Burger King to go and ran aboard the train just in time for its 4:08 pm departure.

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