Saturday, June 13, 2009

Last night on the town with the group...or what was left of us

Today Vanessa and I hit Mariahilfer Strasse for some shopping and were later joined by Tina.  Shopping is difficult for me here because I'm not in love with the fashion - at least not when it comes to clothes. The purses and shoes absolutely. It's just too bad they're meant for millionaires.

We had a group dinner of those who were left from our group, along with Ryan and Ruthie.  We then headed out to the U4 bar. It was a major disappointment, so Samantha and I left early. Too bad not early enough. The subways stopped running just 30 minutes before we left and didn't start up again for almost 5 hours. But after several blocks of searching in the freezing rain we found a night bus that was going in our direction. We were determined to find a bus because a taxi from where we were would have cost probably 50 Euros. We get to the bus stop and have to wait half an hour for it to get there and then have an hour ride home. By home I mean to Lorenz-Müller Gasse, which from there was then a 20 minute walk to our dorm.  

It's a lot of work to experience the night life here. If it wasn't such a hassle getting to and from places, I might enjoy it more.

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