Saturday, June 13, 2009

Around the Ringstrasse

Today we had our last class with Professor Gehard Budin (even though we really only had three classes in total with him). He's one of those people who just has mass amounts of knowledge and "Bildung" accumulated. He just spouts out so much information in a given lecture that it's honestly impossible to keep up with him and I utterly become lost in his words.

After lecture, we had a couple hours before our afternoon excursion so we went to a McDonald's and had lunch and then took McFlurries to a nearby park and soaked in the sun. It happened to be the hottest day since we'd arrived.

We then had an architectural tour of some of the buildings around the Ringstrasse. We had just learned about the buildings along the Ringstrasse a few days earlier in class, so we were excited to see it in person. Most of the buildings along the Ringstrasse are fairly modern, but they were designed to look like they were from a different era, so they may appear older. The tour was a little disappointing, however, because our guide wanted to show us more discrete aspects of architecture that we would not have seen on our own and he assumed that we already knew everything about the big things, which was entirely untrue. I would not have minded learning about the landmarks one tiny bit.

After the tour I went back to the dorm and did a lot of writing since all of our coursework for the class was due the following day.

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