Monday, June 1, 2009

The Long Ride Home

Last night was very exciting, more so than I would have liked. Vanessa and I decided to go see Illuminati, the new Angels and Demons movie. We found a theater close by that said it would be playing with subtitles which was good because Vanessa only speaks a little bit of German.  So we got in line and bought tickets and the ticket guy said we’d better hurry and I was thinking, why do we have to hurry, we were 40 minutes early. He sold us tickets to a show that started 20 minutes ago. So then I made him give us the tickets for the show I had asked for originally.

Then Vanessa and I waited in the complex for the doors to our theater to open and there was this couple making out not even two feet from me…not just light smooching, but full out making noises and groping each other. It was highly inappropriate. Being the not so subtle American that I am, I felt it was my place to try to eradicate this situation. I began to clear my throat and play with a magazine and talk to Vanessa, all with much louder tones than in normal conduct. But nothing. They didn’t even react to my verbal dislike of PDA. I guess they don’t know what PDA is in Europe.

So then finally, ten minutes before our movie, the doors opened and we walked into what was the biggest movie theater I’d ever seen. It was huge! Like at least four theaters from Savoy 16 put together. We found our seats, which were assigned, and sat down.

The movie started, and to our surprise it was in German, with German subtitles appearing only when people were speaking French.  It wasn’t that I couldn’t understand it, because I could…or at least the majority of it. But there were so many scientific words that I didn’t know and they were speaking so fast…it would have been fast in English. It was just one of those movies that you really have to pay attention to and having it in German was just more of a brain exercise than I could handle at the moment.  Another thing we didn’t expect was an intermission in the middle of the high point of the movie. It just cut out and said it would be back in 10 minutes, which totally interrupted the flow of the movie.

But when the movie finally ended, our adventure for the night began. We got out of the movie theater and it was pouring rain. Vienna is experiencing a drought right now and there was like a negative ten percent chance that it would have rained, so you can imagine our reaction.  We didn’t know what to do because we were just planning on walking home, since we only lived about a mile away. But it was raining way too hard for that. So after a few minutes debate of what to do, we made a run to the nearest bus stop and try to figure out which night bus to take. We got on the N6 and I asked the bus driver how close he went to Haus Panorama and he said just about a block away from it. He lied. He never went anywhere near Haus Panorama. In fact, he took us about as far away as possible. We stayed on the bus only because we figured it had to come full circle and at least we could be where we started again, but that’s not how it turned out.

We got off that bus when it was at its last stop and tried to take a variety of other busses to get us a little closer towards something we could recognize. Finally, after a whole slew of busses, and being soaking wet, and close to tears we flagged down a taxi. You may be wondering why we didn’t get a taxi earlier in the evening, but we really didn’t see any, otherwise we would have. Trust me, we would have.  What started out as just a couple minutes away from our dorm turned into a 20 minute taxi ride from who knows where.  

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