Monday, June 1, 2009

A little British comedy


Tonight Vanessa, Donnie, and I had a classy night out on the town. We started off by dining at Café Hummel, which was absolutely delish. I had buttered turkey with a type of mashed hash brown-like potatoes and steamed vegetables. Then we finished off dinner with elaborate desserts. Mine was called Pariesiencremetorte. Oo la la. So yummy. The Austrians definitely have a handle on desserts.

We then went to Vienna’s English Theater and hoped to get last minute student tickets that they begin to sell 15 minutes before the start of the show. We ended up sitting front row for 9 Euros! It’s definitely worth it to be a student here in Vienna. There are so many student discounts for performances! We saw a production called Out of Order, a British comedy and it was fabulous. It was so much fun to sit up close and see all the details.

It was a wonderful evening. Spending a fancy night on the town at dinner and the theater is definitely my version of a good time.


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  1. Many broadway musicals do last minute ticket sales. Hillary, Meredith, Dad and I saw Wicked's original broadway cast front and center (an arms reach from the conductor) for $20/seat and we saw Rent for $15 per seat.

    Sorry I missed you tonight, I lost track of time playing Frisbee and talking to Devon (Carmella's boyfriend) about his car accident.